the art of jumping

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You can wait forever and never be ready. The waiting, the in-between is the hardest part. But it can also be the most beautiful part where we become the person we were meant to be. Where you can have the time and space to rest, refocus and come back to the true you.

It’s similar to the pause in waves on a beach before they come crashing back down to meet up with the rest of the ocean. The wave builds up and up, starts to curve in slow motion, and there’s that second — that pause — right before it curls all the way over, folding back into itself and washing up on the shore.

That pause is where so many of us find ourselves. Hanging in the balance, on the edge of a slow motion curve. Where we’re waiting to come back down and blend back into our own stories.

I was in that pause for a long time. Probably much longer than I should have been. And even though it can sometimes feel like we’re riding that never-ending wave, let me be the one to tell you: never. ever. doubt yourself. I learned to embrace it and even for a moment, I imagined what I wanted it to look like once it did end. And……..

🎉cue confetti cannons for the launch of Creative Lyns, LLC as my full-time gig 🎉

Also, can we just take a moment of CHEERS for my new website! I think my website is one of those things I could redesign 4375657436957 times. It's been a long time creating and still isn't perfect, but I'm excited to have a place where I can share my thoughts and work more regularly. So, S/O to my inner perfectionist for letting it go live 🙌

Creative Lyns came to life during my evenings and weekends while working in the corporate world. I wanted to create a life and a business that was more than just 8-5 while working my way up the ladder. After graduating from design school, diving into the ad agency life and putting in a couple of years as director of marketing and communications at Campbell University, I took the leap to pursue my passion full-time and haven't looked back since.

Just in this first month I’ve got to create some stellar work for some amazing partners that I would've never imagined landing. I also certainly didn't think I'd make it to the point of being a full-time business owner either, but here we are. It didn't come easy. In fact, I’ve probably put more work in now than ever as I spent hours researching on how the heck I could do this thing that I loved and have people pay me money for it. It wasn't until the end of last summer when I set some goals for myself to land some pretty big clients. I shared the work I had created with others and things started to really pick up. It got to a point where I either had to turn away work or put in my two weeks at my job. I was nervous, scared, excited - all the things. But turns out, the only regret I have is not doing it before now.

Owning your own business ain’t easy. There are mornings I still wake up in a panic about a project that needs to get done - or worried that all of a sudden the work will stop and I won't be able to pay bills. But, it feels completely liberating to get to be creative all the time. The work is always changing and will always be an adventure navigating my new norm, but I am so grateful to work with such great clients already and look forward to #GSDing (getting sh*t done) for many more!

much love y’all -