creative ways to share recipes


Recipes are like little mementos of experiences with loved ones and using them is a way to keep special memories alive. These days, the old-fashioned recipe card sharing is often replaced by a statement that usually goes a little something like this, “Oh yeah, I found it on Pinterest; I’ll send you the link.” It’s easy (and convenient) to share a recipe digitally while still making it special.

No need to worry about getting gravy all over those pretty little recipe cards. Here’s a few templates for you to share your recipes with others.

digital recipe card templates

  • Start by using one (or both!) of these templates I’ve created:

  • Customize them with photos of your finished dish. Select colors that resonate with the season or emphasize your key ingredients.

  • Tip: One-tap resize makes it easy to share the creations on social media. For those who prefer to print them out, simply click download and print as you please.

  • Get inspired, get cooking and sharing!

Have the happiest Thanksgiving, friends.

much love y’all -

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